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Tune into Carolina Bulletin News, the Carolina’s very first animated news show! Watch Prom Bird and Al Gee report the news with their natural banter and Therman Mercury deliver the weather forecast with disturbing accuracy; it’s going to be a hot one, South Carolina.
With Robbie the Rib as our food critic, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find a restaurant rated five juicy ribs on his one to five scale. Swoopy will keep you updated on the horrors of the Carolina traffic scene while Dan G. Noodleman will be ssssssure to keep you updated on local crime.
This local news team is guaranteed to report on the best deals, the hottest stories, AND the most poppin’ places in Myrtle Beach. Watch CB News for the latest and LIKE ­čĹŹ us on social media for more content!

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Top Picks:

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Featured Businesses:

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What is a Top Pick? It is the best business of its kind in the local area, and a highly recommended place to go eat, experience, or find help. Those who are promoted by Carolina Bulletin as a Top Pick, are reputable and are usually award-winning businesses or professionals. We would love for you to visit or contact our Top Picks and support local businesses!

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