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Here are some basic facts:

  • Carolina Bulletin has the highest reach and engagement than any other social media publication in the area. We have a post reach of over 2 million per month!

  • We create a new ad every 3 days for our advertising clients, which includes videos!

  • Some of our clients include well-renown businesses like The Bagel Factory, SeaBlue Restaurant & Wine Bar, Scrubby’s Car Wash, Brookgreen Gardens, and more!

  • Your ads will be published on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!
  • We feature our Top Pick clients on our animated series “Carolina Bulletin News” and their radio ads air during commercial breaks on Kool Winds Radio!

Be featured as a Top Pick business!

If you sign up for our yearly plan, you will be labeled as a “Top Pick” on your advertisements. Your business will be listed in the Top Pick category of this website and shown on the front page of this website.

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