Top 5 Reasons to Visit Market Common

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Market Common

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Do you know of a good place to hang out at that’s got a downtown feel?
There’s a place, a little off the beaten path, called The Market Common. It’s a highly underrated place, and not enough tourists(or even locals!) know about it or care to visit.

Here are reasons to visit:

  • Classy atmosphere – The whole area is very clean and well-kept, with its beautiful fountains and landscaping.  It has an upper-class status and higher standard of aesthetics. There are many spots to relax, including side alleys that remind of another big city like Charleston.
  • Meeting new people – Wherever you choose to hang out, there are interesting locals and tourists you can start a conversation with. If you go to the smaller stores and cafés, you have a good chance of becoming friends with the owners. You never know who you’ll run into!
  • Free events – As posted in the Market Common Events webpage, there are a number of different events for each season. During the summer, you have movie night in the park, and in the fall you have Oktoberfest!
  • Good food – There are 10 restaurants that are listed, and that does not include the cafés in the neighboring streets. The quality of food is higher than most other areas in town, and there are a wide variety…from croissants to burgers.
  • Better shopping – If you’re looking for apparel, there are plenty of boutiques to choose from. There’s home decor stores, cooking supplies, a (very nice) grocery store, and more!

Do you have reasons to visit? Share your thoughts!


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