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American PaperWear produces novelty printed sunglasses and masks.  You have come to the right place if you are looking for a fresh, distinctive approach to promote your message, a low-cost, eco-friendly way to commemorate your festival, concert or team, or to celebrate your accomplishment, occasion or holiday.  Create your own design or purchase one of our great pre-made designs. 

American PaperWear was impacted by the market disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This forced us to offer a non-paper-based wearable. We pivoted to PPE and sold over 1 million 3-ply disposable face masks. But we are a customizer, not a bulk supplier and pivoted again. We were among the first to introduce dye-sublimated imprinting of the outer mask fabric.  We will continue to offer this innovative low-cost face covering that helps our customers maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle while displaying their brand.

American PaperWear grew and prospered during 2020. We were able to add new staff, new capabilities and new products. We attended virtual trade shows and interacted with our customers in new ways. We were agile and benefited from the changing circumstances.

We are pleased to introduce a new product for 2021 called Shirt Shields. We are aware of changing on the go dining habits driven by the pandemic.  We want to remedy those drips, spills and lost french fries that end up on your clothing and in your car.  Now, you can provide your customers with a new branding option that also saves at the dry cleaners.

We at American PaperWear hope that you will provide your customers with our innovative custom products. Our products are available on our website at, Amazon, eBay, Facebook and SAGE.